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Bonehunter – Sexual Panic Human Machine


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Genre: Death/Thrash
Country: Finland
Label: Hell’s Headbangers
Year: 2017

Αfter the mediocre Evil Triumphs Again (2015),Bonehunter are back. The result of this wait is the more-than-mediocre Sexual Panic Human Machine, their new album which was released soon. First impression is made by Shagrat’s cover art. Laboratory, alien autopsy, psychedelic smoke and in the centre in a tube a living half bearwolfmanoid robot and half Rocco Siffredi. In a similar sleazy way and after a boring intro the opening track Enter The Satan’s Dimension blasts through the speakers. The vocals are a little more black-ish,the breaks more black n roll while there’s a Bathory odor throughout the album both in the atmosphere and performance. This time Bonehunter are improved their songwriting a bit and more than the half tracks of the album are goodish. Also their production is cleared a bit, with less dryness but still more full. But guys now seriously…You listen to this album twice and you never to hear it again. And this comes to add to the sum of the oversized list of releases in the vein of Vanik, Barbarian etc who have overloaded this genre, that’s more popular the last few years. We are waiting for Midnight’s new album,’till then…


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