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Booze Control – Forgotten Lands


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Gates of Hell
Year: 2019

We have now reached a level, after a huge plethora of heavy metal releases the past five years, when we can fairly not expect someone to discover fire. Something which makes total sense, after all. However, there are some decent cases of releases within this plethora that, due to the plethora itself, are lost. One of them is the fourth full length album by german Booze Controls, who unfortunately have already decided, within a decade of existence, to call it quits. “Forgotten Lands” intersects the paths of the German hard and heavy with the English scene, and to be more specific, Scorpions-meets-Judas Priest. Particular focus on riffs, whose speed limit goes up and down without major and abrupt alternations, lyrical themes that fulfill all the prerequisites for a good heavy metal album that talks about life in the streets and rocking attitudes, while vocals have this remarkable, Klaus Meine-like distinctive tone, in a way better pronounciation though. Although the band’s name goes somehow against everything heavy metal represents, with a better promotion, this band can find their spot in the world’s discotheques, even if it’s too late for them.


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