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Born from the Serpent’s Eye – A Tribute to Wolves in the Throne Room


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The Wolves in the Throne Romm phenomenon coming from Washington, United States, dates back to 2002 by the Weaver brothers. Their main purpose is to glorify the Cosmos, mysticism and all fruitful nature, in an experimental sounding frame. The Wolves are in no way subjected to a stereotype of the extreme sound, which is evident in each one of their studio efforts.

After two demos that were never officially released, Wolves In The Throne Room was introduced to the world with “Diadem of 12 Stars” on February 7, 2006. The album is also signed by Artemisia Records. What got this album glorified by the extreme audience, is a new element that’s found within its’ four length-long compositions, along with the captivating artwork that comes with it. The winter atmosphere, combined with the black metal and the dark ambient sounds, all trapped in a production that somehow looks “foggy”, is the perfect step to the world.

A year later, the series continues with “Two Hunters”, this time under the auspices of Southern Lord Records. With heavy influences and strong musical backgrounds, combined with experimentation on various genres, the Weaver brothers exude a lot of melancholy in “Two Hunters”, always with threnodic black metal sounds.Wolves in The Throne Room, through ethereal tunes and avant garde plays, imply that while nature may be calm and beautiful at times, it can be relentless and cruel to anyone who opposes to it.

“Black Cascade” completes just as beautifully the debut Holy Trinity’s success. Raw, yet melodic. The tremolo riffs and macabre lyrics keep the bar high, though as a whole it didn’t offer anything new to the audience. This may have been a big deal for many, since all post-black bands with an avant-garde tone in their sound always find ways to force something new. But “Black Cascade” wins both of the previous ones for the extraordinary “Ex Cathedra” alone.

“Celestial Lineage”. The equinox where goth met folk and where ambience met violence. Jessica Kenney’s vocals (who has also participated in Monoliths and Dimesions by Sun O)), with the quirkiness that characterizes her voice, have created an atmosphere that is not comparable. It’s shortly comes close to Woods of Ypres’s “Green Album”, but the Wolves conceptional atmosphere is incomparable to any other band of its kind.

Return to Artemisia Records with “Celestite” in 2014. A scourge that doesn’t get any negative reviews. The peaceful atmosphere it creates, combined with the immersive artwork and the pessimistic aura that exudes throughout, makes it perhaps their best albumso far. The fact that it is instrumental may make it seem lethargic at some places, but “Celestite” is a must-have jewel for all atmosphere lovers. Metal or not.

There are no words for “Thrice Woven”. In fact, with this album, they visited Greece in 2017 and they left everyone with their mouths open. The wolves returned to the throne, while the album was hailed pretty much everywhere. Beautiful, epic, atmospheric, marginally moving. Having an outstanding understanding of the nature and treasures it offers, in collaboration with great musicians such as Steve Von Till and Anna von Hausswolff, they have perfected their discography so far. The next step really looks scary, because it’s unknown whether there can be something better than that.

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