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Breath After Coma – Breath After Coma EP


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Genre: Alternative Rock
Country: Greece
Label: Self-released
Year: 2015

It was about time that I was involved with something different from all the brutal releases I reviewed in October. I’m referring to Breath After Coma from Athens, a two year old band, which released this Ep last April.

Its sound is influenced by bands from the southwest side of the Atlantic. We can find hints from the grunge scene, the mainstream new American rock scene and a touch of southern sounds. Orestes’ vocals strongly remind us of the grunge era, somewhat reminiscent of Bush’s Gavin Rossdale voice,  the mainstream part of the songs has to do with the radio-friendly structure and their catchy refrains and the southern sound can be traced on the riffs and the lead guitars in “Three” and “Fake Gun”.

The band’s performance is respectable in every aspect, especially if one considers that this is a debut album. The beautiful vocals play a catalyst part on this, being able to refrain from displaying the usual, annoying Greek accent, which has often in the past “damaged” the potential of many English-singing native bands. They sound natural, without unnecessary improvisations. The same goes with the songs. They are simple in build-up, pleasant and catchy. The band’s performance is highly professional, though the compositions are not demanding in terms of technicality. The sound is dirty enough to have a touch of garage-feel in it.

If I had to ask something from the band, in a future full-length release, that would be somewhat less narrow songwriting when it comes to structure and length (3:00-4:30). I found it very probable that the band could pull off nicely some experimental and diverse sound elements.

I’m not aware if any of the band’s songs are being played on the radio or in rock clubs, though I can find no reason why songs such as “Everyday King”, “Adoration” or “Betray Me” should not be heard by broad audiences.


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