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Burn The Priest – Legion: X


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Genre:Groove/Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2018

For some reason Lamb of God release this record under the name they had until 1999, the one they started their journey in the magical world of music. Burn the Priest, honoring their roots and maybe their first loyal fans. The rest of you who don’t bother to google what’s going on here and think that what we’re dealing with is old or demo material from their youth, they are the losers of the situation. Legion: X has covers and it’s good to bring the compositions to your own style or change them until they are not recognizable any more. Just replaying the song is ok, but I’m not gonna pay fifteen euros for that part, I would rather listen on Youtube. Really important was also the choice of bands and songs. It would have been very boring to listen to LoG playing Machine Head or Pantera… And luckily we do not have that! Interesting choices with a focus on their punk background, the promotion of the music of their state, the underground approach and somehow safe choices like the alternative Ministry and Melvins sounds. A collection that is somehow deep. It’s an excellent listen for the summer without implying any comfort, instead the tracks are in full speed in Legion: X, something that makes us long for the new studio album by Lamb of God that I hope is coming soon…


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