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Cadaver: ‘Scum Of The Earth’ lyric video


Last Updated on 11:17 AM by Nikos Nakos

Norwegian death metallers Cadaver are going to release their new, sixth full length album, entitled ‘The Age Of The Offended’, on July 21st via Nuclear Blast Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

1. Sycophants Swing (Intro)
2. Postapocalyptic Grinding
3. Scum of the Earth
4. The Age of the Offended
5. Death Revealed
6. The Shrink
7. Crawl of the Cadaver
8. The Drowning Man
9. The Sicker, the Better
10. Dissolving Chaos
11. Deadly Metal
12. The Craving
13. Freezing Isolation

The group now presents the lyric video for the new song ‘Scum of the Earth’:

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