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Capharnaüm – Capharnaüm


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: France
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2022, reissue

Lost Realm Records seems to keep up its reputation for revisiting and reissuing lost gems. This time it’s all about the French (from Checy, Centre-Val de Loire) thrashers, Capharnaüm, who had released their only record back in 1993. They were formed after Heavy Metallers, Drifter, were no longer active. They released a 4-song demo in 1991, which is included on the reissue. There are also 4 tracks from live performances, (3 on unreleased songs), unfortunately in poor sound quality. The band at the time stated that they were playing influenced by bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Dark Angel, Possessed, Kreator, Trouble and Candlemass. Personally, I think they are clearly influenced by European thrash, yet without including Teutonic in it. They remind me of bands like Deathwish and Onslaught, both in their vocal approach and composition. But overall, we are talking about a fairly good release, clearly with cult elements but also with historical value. It will amaze the fanatic thrash audience who may already know the band but didn’t have the chance to find back then the demo. After the release of the record, Capharnaüm were considered successful in their country and did attract attention by record labels of the time for a contract. But we are talking about the period 1993 – 1994, when thrash metal was no longer popular and record labels followed what was a trend at the time. Capharnaüm were officially disbanded in 1998. Lost Realm Records is reissuing a really good material that all thrashers will appreciate. The album is reissued for the first time, and it comes on -a deluxe edition- CD, which will feature remastered audio, extensive biography, rare photos, song lyrics and unreleased live recordings! Limited to 500 copies!


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