Catacombs of Doom – Resurrection of the Flesh


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Genre: Black Metal/Dungeon/Ambient
Country: Greece
Label: Black Death Industry/ Depressive Illusions Records
Year: 2022

Catacombs of Doom are a unique presence in the dark societies of the Hellenic black metal scene, as since 2006 they have been delivering unique, occult black music, essentially inspired by the Norwegian wave, but also mixed with elements of dungeon synth, ambient and avant-garde.

“Resurrection of the Flesh” is an album consisting of nine different tracks; while the album starts with a grim intro, that gives the perfect glimpse of what is due to follow, violence kicks in with the voices. Personally, dark ambience is my go-to when it comes to black metal, because these sounds literally take you to another dimension, and the dungeon vibes create an atmosphere that allows the listener to create the scenery and the visual towards their own eyes. The album reaches its’ climax with the horror-ish cover of Necromantia’s “The Arcane Light of Hecate”, that also marks the exit of “Resurrection of the Flesh”.

Out in limited editions on both tape and CD by Black Death Industry and Depressive Illusions, respectively.

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