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Cauldron – New Gods


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Dissonance Productions
Year: 2018

Cauldron is one of my most beloved bands, reviving the Traditional Heavy Metal movement. From their very first moment, the “Into The Cauldon” EP in 2007 to 2016’s “In Ruin” there has never been a dissapointing moment. “Chained To The Nite” was a stellar job, “Burning Fortune” and “Tommorow’s Lost” as well. Okey, a very bad moment was Razor’s “Take This Torch” cover, but in their personal discography I can merely find dissatisfactory moments. Until “New Gods”.

I was literally anticipating the new record ever since the very first moment it was announced, while I was quite worried how it would sound like, considering this tragic accident they were involved in February 2016 during their U.S. Tour with Enforcer. The album is something less than mediocre. There are some polished, pop-like songs reminding of early Kiss, along with some NWOBHM elements, while the speed elements have totally vanished. There are some catchy tunes, like “Prisoner of The Past” and “Save The Truth – Syracuse” but it’s definitely obvious that this event caused them to take it a little slow and give much of emotion in this one, something we’re not used to . It rarely reminds of any of their previous works and surely does not represent their original sound and the Cauldron spirit at all.

All I hope for is something better to come out from them in the future. “New Gods” has some beautiful tunes, but have nothing to do with Cauldron as we know them. Just pass.


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