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Celtachor: ‘Sons Of Morna’ video


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Irish celtic/folk black metallers Celtachor are going to release their third full length album, entitled ‘Fiannaìocht’, on April 20th via Trollzorn Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

1. Sons Of Morna
2. King Of Tara
3. Tuiren
4. The Search For Sadbh
5. Caoilte
6. Great Ships Came From Over The Waves
7. The Battle On The Shore
8. Tears Of Aoife
9. Cauldron Of Plenty
10. Dubh, Dun Agus Liath

The band, established 2007 in Dublin, melds influences of black, doom and folk Metal and showcases their own vision of Irish mythology by playing music with passion and straight from the heart. By adding a violinist and instruments like Irish harp and bouzouki, the new album results in more folk and melodic tunes.

A video clip for the opening track ‘Sons Of Morna’ is available here:

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