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Clean Your Head: Clean Head Productions presentation!


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Looking at CHP’s banner in their facebook page, you can observe two things at first sight, the statement ‘D.I.Y. liberates’ and the fact that the label loves grindcore, crust, punk, death, powerviolence, doom. Does Clean Head have anything to do with Head Cleaner? Is it something like their personal label? The answer is yes and no, because although it started out meant to be exactly that, after the first couple releases the course and philosophy changed.

But, let’s take things from the beginning. In 2010, shortly before Head Cleaner issued their second full length album (the Protest), as it was necessary for the band to find a label to cut and issue the LP, the band members decided to do it themselves, fully self-financed and self-managed. They reversed the name of the band and drew a brain as the logo, getting rid of all their previous troubles. This was the first release for this small label and the second was again their own, the mini CD ‘Resistance, Determination and the Sheer Will to Overcome’ and at this point the whole thing which started off as a joke, seemed to be reaching an end, as Head Cleaner were about to start working with the American United Guttural Records and the Greek (from Volos) Screaming Victims Records. Right then some friends of the band came forth and entrusted their project bands in the hands of CHP.

And that’s exactly what went on. CHP is a label, which helps friends, release and spread their music as better as possible. CHP released in a short period of time Slötergreiv’s EP ‘ΣτονΑιώνατουΑφανισμού’ and the EP from 666Casualties ‘Global Crisis Anthems’, both in pro CD-R format with the layout being made in a printing store. The next two releases were the EP’s from old school deathsters WreckAge and Ixpapalotl, which were both issued in a very elegant form, in an envelope that resembles a 7” vinyl, while the discs themselves looked like vinyl discs. At that point the label’s name started being mentioned by magazines and webzines. CHP’S seventh release was even more unique for the label’s history, whereas it was not only a large coproduction with other well-respected labels of the underground scene, greek and foreign, but also the first time ever that CHP performed vinyl cutting for a release. The release was the incredible album from the band Λήθη, which had a big impact in certain music circles. Next release for the label was the EP ‘Democracy RIP’ from the band Doomed Again, in which Head Cleaner’s members took part, while the follow up was a 4-way split with Head Cleaner, GrassRoll, WreckAge and ΕνΨυχρώ. The label’s tenth code was printed on the EP ‘Rise From Ruins’ from WreckAge , which was also released on tape, as the CD was sold out. The two latest releases, both printed in pro CD-R is the first full length from the prog-deathsters Godless ‘ΖωήΧαρισάμενη’ and the EP from crusters Procrastinate ‘Subjugated Herd’, while on the way are four more releases which have been announced, all in vinyl format. These releases involve co-productions with some labels from the scene, specifically a project with Head Cleaner band members, the band Haven’t Said Enough with a 12” LP, a 7” split from Doomed Again and Παροξυσμός, the 7” from grinders Stheno and a 7” split from grinders GrassRoll and Stheno.

CHP has, in no time at all, managed to encourage releases, that caused quite a stir in the underground, each one of them being a unique in some way recording. “The idea is that, if you’re trying to make a profit from the scene not only will you fail, but eventually you’ll lose your dignity too” claim the label members. “The basic criterion for the label is above all the solidarity between the fellowship and the spreading of good music with the minimum cost”. Indeed CHP’s releases cost between 2€ and 6€, while the most expensive one will be the forthcoming LP from Haven’t Said Enough costing 10€ . No label bar codes can be found on CHP’s releases because moneymaking is not their goal, nor linking music with capitalistic industry. The covers are usually designed by CHP or by artists coming from the underground, they are printed by the label’s associates, folded and packaged by the label’s people. “By no means is our purpose for the label to become a replica of a major label, neither to operate with their standards“.

CHP serves one culture, the DIY culture. Moreover, CHP’s participants believe that DIY is not a tool for someone to use in order to move on to the mainstream. DIY is a unique movement, only from which a real work of art can come to life, stripped of the advertisement culture, the mainstream, the safe-playing and stagnation.

If you are interested to learn more about Clean Head Productions or view the list with their releases, you can visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clean.head.productions/

It is for certain worthwhile supporting the label and all similar labels, giving your own boost to the scene.

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