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Cloven Hoof – Resist Or Serve


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Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M
Country: U.K
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2014

Cloven Hoof needs no introduction. A band that was ahead of its time, released some of the best pieces of music in Heavy Metal history during their golden years in the 80’s. Albums like ‘Cloven Hoof’, ‘Dominator’ and ‘A Sultan’s Ransom’ stand as timeless diamonds. It was the cruel fate, that played a nasty game for Lee Payne’s group but it seems that he has enough strength to pursue his dreams, until the days he passes to the other side. His determination brought back the band 15 years after 1989’s last album for a new one (‘Eye Of The Sun’), without vocalist Russ North that wasn’t bad, but compared to their previous work, just didn’t work for the fans. After a mediocre collection of re-recorded songs and countless line-up changes, the band releases their new album, “Resist Or Serve”.

If you’re waiting to hear Cloven Hoof playing like the good old days, forget it……The only way to hear the album is to erase the name Cloven Hoof from your head. This is a whole new band!

Joe Whelan (Ex-pop idol, British The X Factor…..) handles the vocals (and lead guitar) and does his job very well I could say. The album sounds very modern, and there are a (very) few moments here and there that brings something from the glorious past. The opening song, ‘Call Of The Dark Ones’ is a very good song with powerful melodies and leads as well as ‘Hell Diver’ and ‘Deliverance’. Up-tempo songs with a lot of hard rock and classic metal vibe. ‘Brimstone And Fire’ and ‘Northwind to Valhalla, continue in the same pace but are not as good as the first three. Then you have ‘Mutilator’ were they try to play thrash…. The rest of the album goes downhill, mixing various styles in a generic modern metal environment.

I really can’t understand what Lee Payne had in mind recording this record. This band could send all those fucking poser 80’s sounding bands to hell, but no… he just decided to play what’s new in metal.

Catchy, modern, melodic metal with aggressive parts is what the band offers with this album. Inevitably I say due to the background of the singer (the rest of the band also surrounds his personal pop/rock group…..)The first 5 songs are worth listening to, the rest five are just fillers to my ears.


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