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Collision & The Rotted split ‘Ep


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Genre: Old School Death Metal/Grindcore
Country: England/Holland
Label: Hammerheart Records
Year: 2014


A split 7” of two bands that I did not know until today, it is a challenge for a hearing, after a long day. So simply, i open the 7” respectfully and with due respect, i put the disc onto turntable and Boom!!! That was the best part of the day. Initially, Collision with 2 great tracks, that combine elements of punk, grindcore and thrash, with a special feature the existence of two singers. ‘A Healthy Dose Of Radiation’ and ‘Satanic Surgery’, characterized by a pretty simple roughness and a suitable production, show that the band is extremely tight and knows how to deliver perfectly its thoughts.

The Rotted is a group that comes from England. Although, they deliver more brutal staff, here they prefer to present us a mid tempo song that brings in mind Discharge and Entombed. Since Collision-side was mind-blowing, The Rotted’s song didn’t quite catch my attention. But, I’ve noticed that the chorus’ riff of ‘Rotted Fucking Earth’ stuck in my mind for days. So, I warn you, if you give the track 2-3 tries, it will dangerously stick in your head for good!

The truth is that through the three tracks of this split release, one can not draw reliable conclusions, but can get a simple taste for each band. These two groups, have a history, which i ignored ’til the time i got this split in my hands, an occasion that will drive me to search their rest discography.

Bill Z.
Bill Z.
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