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Concrete – High Evolution


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Genre: Thrash
Country: Hungary
Label: Terranis Productions/Drinkin’ Beer In A Bandana Records
Year: 2023

Without intro, without delays the album comes in at once and reveals the mood of the Magyar Thrashers. Attack, attack, attack… No ‘High Revolution’ is not a sweet breeze even though it is fresh. It’s a hurricane. With high vibration intensity it slices you in 8 steps.

The high speeds that often exceed 200 bpm take us back to golden days (see Sepultura – Infected voice, Slayer – Necrophobic). The times when bands like Deathrow, Devastation, Razor, Atrophy, Sadus wrote music that sounded and was threatening in character and lyrics.

On this second mini LP I would say the sound is excellent, with beautiful leads that are intoxicating and dizzying. It sounds like it was written 100% analogue somewhere in the early 1990’s and gets you pumped to be a teenager again with a skate and a BMX against the system of modern cities that trap you.

It smells like gasoline, it’s combustible and if you grew up on OVERKILL’s ‘Feel the Fire’ and DRI’s ‘Thrash Zone’, you take it with your eyes closed.

Released digitally in August and now available at
Bandcamp https://concretehungary.bandcamp.com/album/high-evolution
CD via Terranis Productions https://www.facebook.com/terranisproductions
LP via Drinkin’ Beer In A Bandana Records https://www.facebook.com/DBIBRECORDS


1. Quellcrist
2. Last Stand
3. City (Part II)
4. Live Fast, Chase Death
5. Oh No Oh Fuck
6. Never Assume (in a Bureaucracy)
7. Hyperspace Weaponry
8. Bloodfields


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