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Corpo Mente – Corpo Mente


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Country: France
Genre: Dark Folk
Label: Blood Music
Έτος: 2015

The admittedly gorgeous and at the same time enigmatic cover, combined with references to influences by Diamanda Galas, were enough for the French Corpo Mente’s debut to reach my hands. This duo is composed by Gautier Serre (a warhorse in the genre) who has entirely taken over the composition and production, and Laure Le Prunenec on vocals duty. Historically, from the very first appearance of operatic vocals in metal, I stood as a strong supporter, although the opera as a genre almost disgusts me. Probably that’s the main reason as to why I disliked this album; from my personal point of view it seems rather disheartening. Laure has true qualities, even though the agonizing effort to send every phoneme as high as she can immediately ends up as a torture method for the uninitiated listener of opera. In the few times that the vocal lines are not exaggerated, as in “Fia”, “Dulcin” and “Dorma”, things evolve more naturally. Without wanting to show off or pretend I’m a smart guy, since the opera and me maintain a similar relationship with me and the church, can someone please inform the singer that since she decided to walk this path holding hands with Gautier, who seems quite adept and skilful in folk baroque, she ought to adjust to the data one way or another, otherwise, and as it actually happens, music and vocals follow a totally different path. Ignoring Laure’s irritating insistence screaming instead of singing, we have a quite dark background, structured mainly by acoustic guitars, violins with brave electronic dosages. The result is highly tempting, like encountering past sounds filtered by new angle. The tracks that stand out: “Dorma”, “Dulcin”, “Equus”, “Ort”. As for the ranking, I hope I am not particularly strict and the future to prove me wrong. Until then let me enjoy the solo projects of versatile Gautier, better-known as Igorrr.


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