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Crosswind – Vicious Dominion


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Genre: Power Metal
Country: Greece
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2014

I first saw Crosswind, when they opened for Jag Panzer in their recently live show in Thessaloniki.

The sound of their music, that reached my ears while entering Eightball club, seemed to me surprisingly interesting and I wanted to know the “source”, so I asked for the name of the band. “A Greek band Crosswind?” I don’t know them, but they sound quite good!

Of course it was a nice surprise for me to see on stage Vasilis Topalidis performing with Crosswind. Vasilis Topalidis is a well know singer from the band Horizons End, which has given many, unforgettable lives at Empire club. The concert I watched was incredibly good, and fulfilled the expectations the band supporting a huge name like Jag Panzer, should accomplish.

As for their debut in discography, Crosswind presents an authentic power metal album, in which the old with the new coexist in harmony, without failing the characteristics of these two eras. The personality of the musicians doesn’t allow their influences to lead away their inspiration for creativity.

Their concepts “have an insistent quality” I dare to say for Vicious Dominion, the same words Ravel said to his friend while creating his well-known masterpiece Bolero. In almost every track of the album we can observe that although melodies and rhythms alternate from slow to fast, they repeat without changes and in a strange, magical way the wish of the listener makes this repeat more than necessary. Go on and listen once more Amon Amarth’s “Victorious March”, or Moonspell’s “Alma Mater”, or Manowar’s “Secret of Steel” and you will understand what I mean!

Guitars are “on the spotlight” all the way during this music trip, while the vocals dominate the sound, with the climax being “Legion Lost” (here the vocals strongly emerges forward, and once more Vasilis’ talent and capabilities shine!) in an album that you will never find a weak or indifferent track!

In a few words, and using in matter of fact the football language, Crosswind present a solid team, tied in harmony, with the guitars “winning the battle” in midfield, and vocals “scoring” in front with great comfort!!! A magnificent Album indeed!

Well Done!
Hasta La Victoria Siempre

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