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Crowned Kings – Forked Road


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Genre: Hardcore / Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment
Year: 2015
Crowned Kings is a metallic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Since their inception in 2010, CK have managed to establish a name for themselves by touring constantly and playing with well-known bands like Terror, Bitter End, Slapshot, Backtrack and more. In 2012 they released their first album entitled ‘Wise guy’, and 3 years later, here’s the new one called ‘Forked road’.

So, I guess it’s enough with history & biography… Crowned Kings’ new record is HEAVY. The first bands that came in my mind while listening to ‘Forked road’ were Hatebreed & Terror. You know what to expect, heavy vocals, heavy / aggressive riffs, mid tempo danceable parts, chugga chugga guitars and catchy refrains. Not bad eh?! The production of the record is amazing and how else could it be since Crowned Kings headed over to Los Angeles to record and work with Nick Jett (drummer of Terror and producer for bands like Strife, Rotting Out, Down To Nothing, Lionheart, Backtrack etc), while the final mastering was done by Matt Hyde who has also mastered bands like Hatebreed, Parkway Drive & Slayer, among others.
To be honest, this music style is not exactly my cup of tea, you know all this metallic hardcore has become totally generic and bands lack uniqueness… But I really enjoy from time to time listening to good bands and I definitely believe that Crowned Kings is a very good one, even though I think I’ve listened to some of their riffs one hundred times before, but after all this happens with the 99% of music nowadays, so who cares?!

Almost forgot to write that there are some guest vocals by Dre from Donnybrook, one of the most inspiring heavy hardcore bands of the 00’s.

The album was just released by Demons Run Amok Entertainment, one of the most hard-working independent hardcore labels, get it either you are a fan of the genre or not, you won’t be disappointed.
Apostolis Mokas
Apostolis Mokas
Between booking shows, driving bands all over Europe, releasing cool punk/hardcore records with World's Appreciated Kitsch, distributing even cooler stuff via Uprising Hardcore Distro, touring with My Turn and watching movies with his girlfriend, Apostolis writes reviews & columns for Metal Invader (after a special invitation by Gio and the ultimate promise to become rich one day, making money out of this), trying to spread the word about the underground hardcore scene. Check out his FB and follow his endless activities: www.facebook.com/worldsappreciatedkitsch

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