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Crucifyre – Post Vulcanic Black


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Genre: Death / Heavy Doom / Death’n’Roll / Death Thrash
Country: Sweden
Label: Pulverised Records
Year: 2018

Four years after the release of their previous album “Black Magic Fire”, nasty Swedes Crucifyre strike back with an almost new line-up and their third full length record entitled “Post Vulcanic Black”, released via Pulverised Records on February 9th. As the title and their career so far suggest, Crucifyre offer us an old – fashioned yet modern mix of classic Black Sabbath-ic Heavy Doom with the extravaganza the Swedish Death Metal scene detailed in every track structure. Bulky, fierce and catchy simultaneously compositions is what we’re up against, always filled with morbidity and urges towards the destruction of everything. We come across frequent alternations in rhythms, which most of the times mark the point when twists and turns lay their game. Nice detail, the Lemmy-driven vocal performance in “Mother Superior’s Eyes”. Despite the fact that as a whole the album offers multiple experiences since the band balances between multiple genres and an intense diversity between the tracks, I felt like Crucifyre weren’t adventurous enough. Peculiar, right? It seems that the band decided to throw everything in the mix, which is something good especially these days when producing new music means fusing genres together (everything has been played by someone else), however Crucifyre failed to produce something coherent and tight. Like their thoughts were hazy. Don’t get me wrong; “Post Vulcanic Black” is a fun album to listen to, however in the end of the day it doesn’t offer something exceptionally good that’ll win the bet of time.
The album was recorded at K51 STHLM, mixed by Willem Bleeker at Baggpipe Studio, mastering by Erik Holmberg at K51 STHLM again and cover artwork was a creation by Thrashing Rage.

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