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Cryptic Hatred – Nocturnal Sickness


Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland
Label: The Other Records
Year: 2022

Band with a rotting artwork from Finland .. things are clear here… NOPE… Cryptic Hatred is a quartet having been created in high school in 2019 they managed within two years to release a demo and mature so much synthetically that they grabbed the attention of the people behind the Other Records. These young guys not only have the audacity to imitate Cannibal Corpse but also the courage to go things further. I do not know how many of you think you can have the skills of the creators of Butchered at Birth, Bleeding or Gallery of Suicide. Yes the band has built bases up there and on this album it has a stellar production and my friend listen to the drummer. Enough with the athletes who blast. Here you will enjoy cymbals «As I Enter Darkness», high volume tom «Stench of the dead» and «Full Of Hate» riffs and pinch harmonics that will refresh your brain and create new fields. But I say again…the drums… its been long since you have heard something simple, natural but with substance. The Finnish origin odours on the chaotic leads and the outro of Eternal Horror. I think this band will be even more enjoyable live….

1. Into the Depths (3:12)
2. Stench of the Dead (4:14)
3. Nocturnal Sickness (3:38)
4. Vile Execution (3:39)
5. Full of Hate (3:34)
6. As I Enter Darkness (4:00)
7. Deathtroops (3:56)
8. Strangled to Silence (4:02)
9. Saw Torture (4:00)
10. Eternal Horror (5:12)


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