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Crystal Winds – Return to the Dark Age


Genre: Heavy Metal/Power
Country: Greece
Label: Sleaszy Rider Records

I still remember the very first time I have checked the music of these Heavy Metallers from Athens, Greece. Their “Scepters of Eternity” demo was quite a good surprise back in 2004 especially for someone who was after some well performed Heavy Metal.

For those who do not know I have to point that the band started in 1999 and split back in 2004 -after the release of their debut demo-. They reunited back in 2013, releasing the “Crystal Winds” EP in 2016. If you spend a little time to take a look on the band’s line up you would realize that the current -and the past- members have spent quite a lot of time, getting involved to various Metal bands of our country. So yeah I guess those musicians have something interesting to share. But what it is?

Well Classic Heavy Metal was always the main point into the band’s soundscape and they are still following this particular musical direction, someone would realize that, even from the very first listening of their debut “Return to the Dark Age” album, that was released just recently.

I can discover many interesting influences into the band’s sound: JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, IRON MAIDEN and DIO, I can also hear the spirit of the early HELLOWEEN or RUNNING WILD on the band’s musical vibe.

Simple, but into the point, song structures that bring to front the band’s riff driven Heavy Metal. Emphasizing vocal melodies and perfectly arranged lead guitar parts, are some of the most important features on this great album.

All the songs are extremely well performed. Nick Teteris is delivering some amazing drum parts enforced by the bass giant called Michael Karagiannis. The axe of Giannis Vrontis is THE unstoppable force of the band -check the instrumental “Through the Stars” for some real guitar pleasure-. Of course, an extra reference should be made about the vocals of Andrew Kouratoras, he has done a magnificent job, driving the songs on a maximum level. You can also check him on RAGE ‘N’ STEEL.

Well it is more than clear that in this album, we got music played by fans, for fans. I listened to the record many times, rediscovering a band that carries a clear message: “We are here and we play the music that we love”. And believe me, they are doing it with strength, talent and passion.

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