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Cult Metal Classics announced the reissue of Glacier’s sametitled EP


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Cult Metal Classics announced the reissue of Glacier’s sametitled EP: “After almost 13 years being in touch with the Glacier 80’s US Metal ’83 – ’85 Official original members and our brothers of metal Sam Easley andLoren Bates, with great pride, we announce the official re-issue of their unique MASTERPIECE, 31 years after its original release. One of the most highly sought after U.S. metal EP’s will finally get a proper re-issue on limited CD, Vinyl and Box Set, featuring fat booklet with photos, lyrics, story, liner notes etc.

The heavy metal masters from Portland, Oregon are back to reign and we celebrate their return with what you’ve been wanting for years….a deluxe high quality re-issue of their ground breaking EP. GLACIER is one of the reasons why we started CULT METAL CLASSICS in the first place and that explains why it was one of the first bands we had contacted back in 2003, at a time when very few indy metal reissue labels were around.

It was a long journey until making this happen and we’re highly honoured that Glacier 80’s US Metal ’83 – ’85 Official entrusted us with the opportunity to release the European version of their jewel, so this is a deeply emotional moment for us. We also want to thank our comrades Ηλίας Χατζηαλέξης who back in the 90’s gave Manos Koufakis a copy of the original EP and Laurent Ram whose help was key in making this happen. And of course Sam Easley, for his music, professionalism and friendship. We salute you!!!

So, guys and gals get ready for battle….restless we wait, we wait in the night!!! HAIL!!!!”

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