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Cult Metal Classics proudly presents 2 classic “THE RODS” albums on reissue!


This is one of the proudest moments for us in CULT METAL CLASSICS. We’re honored to be entrusted with the official reissue on CD of two of the greatest heavy metal albums ever made by one of the most important metal bands, THE RODS, that so far have never been officially available on CD.

Boys and girls, we present you the ’86 classics for the first time officially on CD, “Heavier than Thou” and “Hollywood” with 1 bonus track each! Carl Canedy himself handled both albums’ remastering and we estimate to release them both in early Spring. The first edition of both reissues will be limited to 500 units and both will contain fat booklets with lyrics, the band’s story, photos, etc, in the usual Cult Metal Classics superior tradition.

Each album presents a different side of the band, with the former being more towards the classic wild hard rockin’ THE RODS style, featuring the great singer Shmoulik Avigal (PICTURE, JACK STARR, HORIZON etc.) and the latter being a landmark in melodic heavy metal music featuring some of the greatest melodic tunes ever written by a metal band and amazing vocals by Rick Caudle.

Let’s salute some of the pioneers of the US metal sound, Carl Canedy, David Feinstein and Garry Bordonaro. Get ready for some pure metal magic. Get ready for THE RODS! HAIL!

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