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Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade
Year: 2017

The Swedish cannibals Cut Up return 2 years after their debut album ‘Forensic Nightmares’. For those that haven’t listened to them before, one name comes in mind… Vomitory, as 2/4 of their line-up consists of members of the aforementioned deathsters, while the rest of their members are also veterans of the scene, participating in bands such as Coldworker and Inferior in the past. But that’s not the only thing these two bands have in common, since Cut Up’s sound resembles that of Vomitory.

First things first, the album starts with ‘From Ear to Ear’, a powerful song which could be the opening track of a Vomitory release. Traditional Swedish Death Metal riffs, relentless drumming, with blastbeat rhythms prevailing, and the dual vocals that guitarist Björte and bassist Erik Rundqvist are sharing, will get you in the mood straightaway. The mayhem continues in the next songs too, alternating between blastbeats and d-beat rhythms (typical of Swedish traditional Death Metal bands), while in some riffs you can tell they’re influenced by Slayer. In ‘Behead the Dead’ and the mid-tempo track “Vermin Funeral’, there are some elements borrowed from the Gothenburg scene in the harmonizing guitars.

Lyrics deal with gore/splatter subjects, something you clearly notice in song titles such as ‘Necrophagic Madness’, ‘Master Dissector’, ‘Raped by the Blade’ etc., as well as in the album cover, which depicts a decomposing female corpse in a swamp. The production of ‘Wherever They May Rot’ brings a breath of fresh air in Cut Up’s typical Oldschool style.

The album may not reinvent the wheel, but will definitely satisfy both Oldschool and modern Brutal Death Metal fans.


Kostas Paganizer Athanasiou
Kostas Paganizer Athanasiou
Thy majesty - our majesty Sole superior evil itself We'll be your instrument and the blade of their damnation

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