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Cynic – Ascension Codes


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Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Season of Mist
Year :2021

Cynic’s music delights the heart and sharpens the mind. Eloy (the German band) of progressive metal with psychedelic ideas, mellow vocals and intellectual music tunnels continue to climb heavenly stairs. Those who were able to digest the change in vocals compared to their first days were lucky enough to watch them escape from the vicious circle. Their return in 2008 with Traced in Air was a gift because the music cosmos (from Greek cosmima = jewel) needs such geniuses. I really adore and the next two EPs although i miss and some psychic attacks here and there like in the first two albums.

The first thing you notice on their 4th album (I do not count the amazing Portal tapes) is that you do not feel the void of Reinert. With all due respect, Matt Lynch is so consistent in his game. A multidimensional solid octopus like the one on Martina Hoffman’s magic cover, who steals the show throughout the 49 minutes. We really need such kind of drummers than athletes. In a video I saw him playing with the drumsticks upside down. This makes the sound smoothed and fat, something that matches the ethereal feeling.

The introductions between the 9 main tracks give extra breath and listening to it makes the sense of meditation. Those of us who have felt awe and acoustic spiritual uplift since the time of Uroboric forms at At Deaths Door II so I have good news for you. Cynic never cease to amaze.


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