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Dark Forest – The Awakening


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: England
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Year: 2014


It was summer of 2009 when the debut album of Dark Forest came to my attention, a few months after it was officially released! I was blown away from the sheer power, the razor sharp riffs and the melodies. Heavy Metal exactly like I want to hear it. At 2011 with changes in bass and vocals (the soul of this band, Christian Horton decided to give the microphone to Will Lowry-Scott and fully dedicated himself to guitar playing) they released ‘’Dawn of Infinity’’. A pretty good record, but without reaching the high level of the first. Now with another vocalist (Josh Winnard) and second guitar player (Patrick Jenkins), they release ‘’The Awakening’’. The ‘Sons of England’ are back in the game!

And so it begins with ‘The Awakening’. Epic intro with a screaming lead before Josh’s mellow (almost melancholic) vocals, comes in creating a beautiful atmosphere. His voice feels just right with the music of Dark Forest. Whether low or high, he sings so comfortable without struggling at all. As a trademark of their sound the incredible guitar duels and the epic and sometimes Celtic melodies are of course present. Powerful l songs with sing-along choruses, like the catchy ‘Sacred Signs’ and ‘Penda’s Fen’, continues in the same direction as their previous record, more melodic (NOT happy/crappy metal) in contrast to the first record that was much more epic, fragments of which can be found in the songs ‘Rise Like Lions’ and ‘Sons Of England’. Even the not so inspired songs like ‘Turning Of The Tide’ and ‘Secret Commonwealth’ serve their purpose just fine without being categorized as ‘fillers’. ‘Immortal Remains’ along with ‘The Last Season’ are the best songs in the album, truly powerful up-lifting heavy metal songs, reminding you the reason you worship Heavy Metal music! Lyrically, the album revolves around the clarity of one’s mind, believing in thy true self, preserving the land that mankind has molested without mercy, keep on fighting and never give up! Skyclad comes in mind here! Martin Walkyier should be very proud. The thing is that the band’s music comes from the heart, they are not pretending to be something they aren’t and that’s the key for someone to release great, timeless music!

No occult, satanic, pretentious 80’s posers here. Only pure English PROUD heavy metal with personality, something very rare these days. The initiated will appreciate immediately! The rest of you take a listen of one of the best heavy metal, England has to offer. You will not be disappointed!

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