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Dawn of Winter – Pray For Doom


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Genre: Doom
Country: Germany
Label: I Hate
Release: 07/12/18

One of the things that really gets on my nerves is indecision. The feeling of this particular frustration becomes even worse when the manifestation of indecision dawns upon your person. Such a case is Dawn Of Winter and their latest release “Pray For Doom”. Just because Dawn Of Winter are releasing one record each decade you may think that they can’t possibly disappoint you. However, due to the contradictory elements that build the record, you find yourself unable to decide whether the release is a good or a bad one. But let’s get everything from scratch.

Indeed, ten years after their latest release, but with a consistent, never changed, lineup, the Germans DOW returned to activeness and released their third complete album titled “Pray For Doom” through I Hate Records. The album, in a first analysis, is inspired by feelings of sadness, despair, and anguish, which pass through to the listener with a pure but traditional formula. The structures and compositions of the album are mostly based on classic forms without escaping from the specified doom field, resulting into a monotonous album with expected musical sequences. The more the album unfolds, the easier it is to understand what is going to happen. No notes of innovation, no step forward. Not that monolithicism is bad (we don’t know what we want most of the times), although an excitement of our interest and the urge to scratch an old itch is always welcome. Otherwise, so many thousands of records have been released, you can put an old one in your turntable and the case ends. It’s not that the album is bad or is not worth listening, but from a band that counts on its back almost thirty years of presence in the field – with just a few releases – you expect something more. “Pray For Doom” is an album that’s catch in all its simplicity, with nice hooks and atmosphere, but there’s plenty of room for more.


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