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Dead Congregation – The Unconfessed – The Psalm – Deacidified Live In Larissa 20.02.2016


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Dead Congregation visited Larisa for the first time. This gig would be my first with Dead Congregation in the billing. I don’t have to mention that the excitement we all felt when we were informed about the gig was massive. Imagine its boost when we actually stepped inside the venue!

The concert was supposed to begin at 20:30. So, a few minutes after the set time and with the appropriate attendance of the crowd, it was time for the gig to begin.

DeacidifiedFirst in the billing were Deacidified. Harsh, brutal Death Metal, with many influences from Cannibal Corpse evident at the biggest part of their compositions. Apart from the supersonic riffs, there were also more mid – tempo moments that reminded me of Dying Fetus. The sound was truly amazing, with clean and tight playing of all the instruments. Even if that wasn’t the first, nor the last time i saw them perform live, it was surely one of their best gigs ever.

The PsalmThe Psalm hit the stage next. The truth is that I had a hard time trying to fit the band into a certain musical genre, even though I didn’t need to do so. The only certain thing is that they delivered an extreme sound, reminding me of Pestilence, while the vocals reminded us of Tardy, and that’s something nobody can deny. While at first they seemed rather chaotic to me as I couldn’t understand what they were actually playing, the more the time passed the better understanding I had of the bigger picture and the sound became clearer and clearer in every track. The drums were fierce and fast and embraced the equally fast guitar and bass compositions, while I really liked the vocals’ experimentations. There were few times when the vocals were returning from being filthy to clean with a small dose of eerie atmosphere, which could justify the name of the band.

Next in line were the locals Unconfessed. What one directly observes seeing the band on stage is theUnconfessed intriguing use of 2 frontmen. To be honest, it seemed to me somehow excessive and sometimes unnecessary. Their music was, fast, yet groovy, with many of their riffs being at high frequencies bringing to mind bands like Slaughtered Priest (yes, indeed). In general their compositions seemed quite good to me. What seemed ill – fitting with the whole set was the use of double vocals, because I think it was too dirty for such synthesis.

Finally, without any delays, it was about time to welcome Dead Congregation. With the frequent useDead Congregation of screaming guitars, which characterizes the DC sound and their productions, doom fell upon us. Supersonic drums and riffs that cut you like a knife were sufficient to make the crowd headbang from the very first moments. The vocals fitted as icing on the cake to enhance the mayhem prevailing during the band’s show. But what struck me is that while they played both old and new songs (obviously) I never heard ‘Nigredo’, which is one of my favorites. Perhaps next time. In short, we don’t need to say much about the compositions of DC as most of us have spent several hours in our homes listening to their records over and over again. But what makes them really good at what they do is that you would find it difficult to distinguish differences between their live performance and the studio recordings.

These gigs should happen more often and in other cities of Greece, as well.

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