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Deaf Dealer: “Deaf Dealer” (taken from “Keeper of the Flame” album) Lyric Video Premiere


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The Canadian metal masters DEAF DEALER simply need no introduction. In a fair world, this band would be playing in packed stadiums. The reason is simple. They released two perfect heavy metal albums of fast paced Maiden / Priest inspired metal that include not a single filler second.

After officially re-releasing one of the greatest metal albums of all time, “Journey into Fear” which was the second album of the band, it was about time to work on the reissue of the debut album of Deaf Dealer, “Keeper of the Flame” that originally came out in 1986. In collaboration with the original member of the band Dan Gregoire (drums) and Jean-Pierre Fortin (bass), we are going to release the ultimate version of this great classic. The CD version will be remastered by Dan Gregoire himself and will feature for the very first time two completely unreleased tunes that had stayed out of the original release.

The reissue will also feature both original and new artwork, lyrics, band story and amazing photos from the early days of the band. To celebrate the upcoming reissue on vinyl and CD, we put together a lyric video of one of the best songs from the album, the title-track “Deaf Dealer”. Hope you enjoy this video, share it and be prepared for one of the best reissues of 2023. More details will follow soon.

Lyric Video by Chryssa Hartsa:

Don’t Get In My Way
Deaf Dealer
On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat
The Fugitive
Dead Zone
Free And Easy
Getting Ready To Go
Caution To Kill
Just One More Day

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