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Deaf Dealer – Journey Into Fear


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Cult Metal Classics Records
Year: Recorded 1987, Released 2014

At last! It took 27 whole years for this Canadian heavy metal masterpiece to be officially released! Cult metal classics put things into the right place and the so called ‘greatest unreleased metal album of all time’ is now available to the world in physical format.

Starting out as ‘Death Dealer’ in 1980 the band recorded some demo songs (that were officially released by cult metal classics in 2008 in the Coercion to Kill cd compilation and on vinyl by high roller) and later changed their name to ‘Deaf Dealer’. Under that name they released their first full length ‘Keeper of the Flame’ in 1986, a classic 80’s heavy metal record widely known to the underground/obscure metaheads. In 1987 they recorded ‘Journey Into Fear’ in Toronto’s Metalworks studio with Dan Johnson and Scott Burns as producers. Shortly after the recordings the band decided to quit for various reasons. Of course the material that would become their next studio album circulated in the underground and over the years gained a cult status.

The line-up of ‘Journey Into Fear’ is the same as in ‘Keeper of the Flame’. But the music is far more superior! We’re talking about pure metal magic. ‘Back To God’s Country’ starts the record showing the potential, the dynamic and the inspiration of the group. Just listen to the magnificent bass lines of Jean-Pierre who together with Mc Gregor’s drumming consists one of the tightest rhythm sections of the 80’s! ‘Mind games’ follows next and you can’t believe how their company decided not to release this album…..They must have been fucking deaf! Top notch heavy/power metal blasting through the speakers. Up next goes the epic ‘Blood And Sand’ and you bow down to the talent and skills of the bands axemen Marc “Hayward” Brassard and Yves “Ian Penn” Pedneault. Razor sharp riffing and intelligent solos, a trademark of their magnificent work through the album! My personal favorite (if I can say only one in this monster record) is ‘Tribute To A Mad Man’. No words can describe the epic feeling, the intelligent structure of the song. Again the guitars are a piece of art. The voice of Michel “Flynn” Lalonde (although it doesn’t reach the sky as many of his colleagues in the US metal of the 80’s) is flawless. ‘East Terror’ and ‘To Hell And Back’ are essential power metal tracks, classics of the American metal legacy. The instrumental ‘Escape From The Witch Mountain’ easily stands next to monsters like ‘Transylvania’ and ‘Genghis Khan’ of Iron Maiden. The album closes majestically with ‘Journey Into Fear’. An epic anthem that concludes the story of Deaf Dealer in glory!

These metallers from Quebec deserve a place in the pantheon of metal! I am sure that most of you that read this review already heard these songs somehow, the rest of you who are into quality heavy metal, immediately grab it as soon as it comes out! This is a buy or die situation here! U.S. metal legacy for the ages!


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