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Death Doesn’t Wear Prada


Last Updated on 08:29 PM by Nikos Nakos

Erik Grief, manager (and actual continuer and administrator of Chuck’s legacy) has made his position clear in Death’s official facebook page regarding the dispute with the band “ The Devil Wears Prada” over their latest t-shirt that bears an altered “Death” logo. First things first, “The Devil Wears Prada” is a Christian American melodic metalcore band, which has printed a design with the name “Devil”, from the band’s own name, however the logo is almost identical to Death’s. Up to this point the only problem is that there is no solid evidence of the band’s adoration to Death, which would justify their action or merely an attempt to draw the public’s attention and take advantage of Death’s brand name. However, the response of some Death’s fans, making an announcement that encourages all fans of the band to attack everyone that wears this TDWP t-shirt, is at least reprehensible. So, to put things in the right order Erik Grief posted on Death’s facebook page the following:
“I keep receiving copies of a notice urging DEATH fans to attack anyone wearing that one-off homage shirt by TDWP. This is totally uncool and has nothing to do with DEATH or anyone associated with Perseverance Holdings Ltd. or the former musicians of DEATH. People should not ‘share’ this notice, nor should they continue to send me links to the TDWP shirt. Everyone is entitled to their views about infringement, rip-offs, musical tastes, etc. However, making threats and associating them with the DEATH name is not acceptable. Thanks. ERIC \m/”

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