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Death Metal Invasion of South Park !!!


Watch below how the track “Second Skin” was featured on South Park’s new episode, “Band In China” last night! Their music was used as part of the plot of the show. Stan starts a death metal band named “Crimson Dawn” after being disillusioned by his dad’s neglect. In typical South Park fashion, the neglect by his dad ,Randy, is due to Randy being so consumed with his weed farm. This is where Dying Fetus’ music comes in.

In the episode, Stan Marsh and friends form CRIMSON DAWN, a brutal death metal band playing tracks by DYING FETUS and French death metallers DEATH DECLINE (the song “Useless Sacrifice” by France’s Death Decline was used to represent the band’s original music, while “Second Skin” from Dying Fetus figures into the narrative a bit later during rehearsal).




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