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Deathhammer: Reveal Artwork, Tracklisting & Stream 2 New Songs


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Dweller of the blackest Hell Come forth and strike your sword through the heart of god!

Old school thrashers Deathhammer are releasing their 4th album on CD/LP this fall via Hells Headbangers Records. The album is titled Evil Power and features 8 new tracks. Τwο of those tracks “Satan is Back” & “Powertrip” can be checked out below.


Deathhammer was founded in 2005 and have since then unleashed 3 full-length albums and several compilations and splits with bands such as Körgull the Exterminator from Spain, Nosferatu from Brazil, and the Norwegian trio Nekromantheon, Töxik Death & Carniwhöre. Their previous full-length is Onward to the Pits from 2012.

The tracklisting from Evil Power:

01. Warriors of Evil
02. Total Metal
03. Satan is Back
04. Powertrip
05. Sinner’s Possession
06. Belial’s Curse
07. Rot in Shreds
08. Omen of the Beast

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