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Deathless Creation – Thrash ‘n’ Roll


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Genre: Thrash ‘n’ Roll / Groove Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Timezone Records
Year: 2015

Deathless Creation is a Groovy Thrash Metal act from Germany and has released its first full length record, entitled “Thrash ‘n’n Roll” via Timezone Records.

In “Thrash ‘n’n Roll”  the band blends thrash metal with groove metal, garage rock and hard rock elements, having at some moments a even Southern Metal approach to their music as well, especially during their song’s bridges or solos. It’s like listening to a weird mash up of Pantera, Alice in Chains, Anthrax, Ted Nugent and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their music can be a little bit difficult to understand or to feel close to, however Deathless Creation manages to keep you engaged; probably due to curiosity. The diversity of the band’s compositions can satisfy different crowds. The fact that all those different kinds of metal are perplexed together may act as a huge turn off for those who seek to listen to something particular. My point is, should the tracks of the record were split into 3 different records each having a certain theme, then the result would have been much more satisfying.

Despite this baffling blend, the band shows loads of energy and enthusiasm, something that boosts the band’s attitude and makes the band much more approachable. The guitar playing is joyful and adventurous while the playful drums clothe everything with a dynamic strength. Nevertheless the guitar and drum patterns seem to lose their originality; one track seems similar to the next one. Maybe they’ll need to ameliorate their game or just come up with some more ideas.

Deathless Creation could play in garages, huge venues with top-notch billing, in local clubs, in alcohol-reeking pubs etc etc. They can relate to many and different kinds of music, nonetheless I cannot make up my mind on whether this is good or bad. Is this a sign of them creating their own sound and musical approach or the diversity of their structures reveal a band with no particular purpose, not being able to decide which genre fits them best? I guess time will tell.

To put it in a nutshell, “Thrash ‘n’n Roll” is not a bad record; it’s not groundbreaking either. It has its good moments, but I guess you’ll listen to it a couple of times. That’s all. If you want to listen to something, let’s say, unusual, or gain encyclopedic knowledge of what’s going on, give it a shot. You may be surprised by the outcome.


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