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Deceased announce new record this August


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DECEASED new record “Children of the Morgue” will be recorded in May/June 2024 and released August 2024 on Hells Headbangers Records. The recording will be done at Oblivion Studios. The album will be released on CD, double vinyl, and cassette.
Track listing is…
1. Destination: Morgue
2. Children of the Morgue
3. Turn to Wither
4. Terrornaut
5. The Reaper is Nesting
6. Uninvited Dirge
7. The Grave Digger
8. Eerie Wavelengths
9. Fed to Mother Earth
10. Skull with the Vacant Stare
11. Brooding Lament
12. Farewell (Taken to Forever)
The band also announce sporadic gigs will be happening this year including a few fests with one a visit to Hawaii. 2025 is the 40th Anniversary of the band and a few things will be surfacing including a double CD with the musical history of the band entitled “March of the Cadavers” that will have songs from all eras, exclusive tracks that include re-recordings of old songs “Sick Thrash”, “Vomiting Blood” and “Below the Tombstone”. Two cover songs “Lady Lust” from Venom and “Die Young” from Black Sabbath. And two exclusive new band tunes “Dusted” and “Cure for the Grieving Widow” as well. Lots and lots of work to make it a very special 40th from the band when time comes so keep an eye out for more.
Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
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