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Def Leppard – Def Leppard


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Genre: Rock
Country: U.K.
Label: Ear Music
Year: 2015

Guys, what year is it? Is it 2015 or 1987? Have time machines been invented? Do I have to wait for Delorean and Marty Mcfly to pop out straight from nowhere? That’s not a bad thing though; many melodic records were released that year (“Hysteria” and Whitesnake were the real deal in 1987). However, I think we have to tear ourselves away from the past. Especially this year, when huge and well – crafted efforts were released by bands that haven’t got an intensely glorious past (more or less). At this timing, Def Leppard decided to release a new album that its sound tries to resemble “Hysteria”. I say “tries” because the band didn’t succeed in doing it. “Hysteria” has been loved by millions of fans worldwide and at the same time had countless enemies. Now after all these years I can safely say that yes, it’s not my favorite Def Leppard album, nevertheless it’s a milestone for the genre. The production, the vocals and the atmosphere had influenced countless musicians and the commercial success was huge. Trying to repeat the whole thing is impracticable. Perhaps this was the reason why Leppard failed to repeat something similar even though over the years they had released quite remarkable efforts. Let’s elaborate on the songs now. “Let’s go” is very nice, and reminded me of “Let’s get rocked”. “Dangerous” is rhythmic, fun and brings “Photograph” in mind. Let’s go now to “Another one bites the dust” … No, wait! “Man Enough”!  Come on guys, leave Queen alone, don’t try to copycat them (or “get influenced by” seems more appropriate). “We belong”, I’m sorry, but it left me with icily indifferent feelings. The guitar work is simple just like U2 and has a modern attitude, which doesn’t follow with the consistency of the band. “Invincible” is nice but nerveless, it lacks excitement. “Sea of ​​Love”, stops this flat atmosphere adding rhythm and setting your mood for some whiskey and nice girls at small pubs. “Energised”, which is a little bit indifferent is followed by “All time high”, with classic American sound, but stops there. “Battle of my own” starts with acoustic guitars, with its electrical points reminding me of Aerosmith and it has that little sleaze feeling we like. There is more in the record! That’s not the end! Next track is “Forever Young”, but you’re not Forever Young guys; at least synthetically!  “Last Dance” is a cute ballad, but nothing more. I’m sure that with a few drinks it will sound fine. “Wings of an Angel” sends you to America right away, while picturing yourself riding the highway with your best friend Jack Daniels… or something like that. The chorus is classic Leppard. It’s one of the best songs on the album. For closure we’re dealing with a well – crafted track, full of Beatles – influenced melodies; it’s called “Blind Faith”! Slow, sing-along-y, nicely flowing; a nice choice for closing the record.

Now, taking all things into consideration, dear Leppard, what have you done to us? I really like you, damn it. But are four tracks enough to say that an album is good? For a small band, could be; for these musicians and for Leppard… no way! Two good songs more, could have made the difference… Or 2-3 less average tracks… Maybe if Dolorean was actually a time machine…


Elias Chatzialexis
Elias Chatzialexis
Θέλω να αφιερώσω αυτό το βραβείο στον μπαμπά μου, στη μαμά μου, στη γυναίκα μου και στα παιδιά μου, στον David Coverdale και στους Piledriver. Επίσης εύχομαι Παγκόσμια Ειρήνη, Υγεία και του χρόνου φουντούνια.

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