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Defision – A Thousand Bullets


Last Updated on 05:45 PM by Giorgos Tsekas

Genre: Melodic Death/Groove
Country: Greece
Label: DIY
Year: 2016

You may not be familiar with the band Defision. As a matter of fact, you may not even be familiar with the word itself. Let me elaborate on that. “Defision” can be interpreted as the status of a relationship with a friend or a loved one, whose depression becomes so burdensome that the relationship, is threatened, reaching the point of explosion, resulting in separation. Source: Merge the words depression and fission. Somewhere in the process an “s” was lost and with it, the depression in the sound of Defision. I don’t know what the guys from Alexandroupoli had in mind; however, their music has no melancholic quality or something depressing. I heard amazing riffs, loads of energy, power, good breaks and lots of groove. We could say that Melodic Death is serving as a basis, with several doses of thrash in the spirit of The Haunted and there is a pervasive American quality that makes them even more amiable to my ears. Unfortunately though, they are hurting themselves. They’ve been together since 2013, so that kind of poor production (weak drums and dry guitars) isn’t acceptable, as opposed to the huge number of ideas. All of the tracks are great, considering the genre and it’s a pity for the band to lose points and the dynamics of the 5 tracks of the EP for a problem that can be solved with money. This first sample was positive, but holds plenty of improvement in the area of production alone.


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