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Despot – Satan In The Death Row


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Independent
Year: 2013

At first sight, one might have doubts when coming in touch with a black metal album with a cover like that, a cover that reminds more of juvenile, modern rock/metal from kids movies. However, this is not a comedy band or anything like that, instead ‘Satan in the Death Row’ is a respectable record, with interesting music by this guy B.A.V., who is the only member of the act.

The production of the record leads mainly to the previous decades, since it gives the distorted guitars the necessary noise, while the sparse synths are used to create the needed dark atmosphere, with the vocals and the drums having proportionate strength. In general, the sound on ‘Satan in the Death Row’ is very pleasing and balanced.

Musically, B.A.V. does not limit himself with the specific patterns of the genre. The main part of the record has fast paced and intense moments, with plenty of blast beating and painful guitar playing, with the latter drawing influences from the traditional way of the genre and at parts, reminding of the classic bands a lot. There are many riffs in every song, as well as a few solos, like in ‘Purified By Fire’ and ‘Le Roi Nu’.

The album stars with a three minute ambient piece, and also ends with an two minute outro, making articulate it’s beginning and end. Apart from the powerful shrieks, which sound distant and give one more dimension to the compositions, there are clean, narrating or chanting vocals, correctly placed in various parts of the tracks and of a good quality as well.

The style of Despot is distinctive and very consistent, resulting in being quite easy for someone to follow and enjoy as a record. Tracks like ‘Satan in the Death Row’, ‘Egregious’ and ‘Matriarch’ have nothing to be jealous about, compared with the work of other more known bands, as the forty eight minutes of music here reincarnate the beautiful side of the nineties with great success.

The gate of the cavern is despair, and its floor is paved with the gravestones of abandoned hopes. There Self must die; there the eagerness, the greed of untamed desire must be slain, for only so can the soul be freed from the empire of Fate.

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