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Destruction – Born to Perish


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2019

Destruction is one of the most productive forces in the metal world today. They are worth of respect and sympathy, having an important core of fans. In “Born To Perish”, there are two considerable differences, however. The first one is Damir Esckic’s addition (second guitarist), that turned their sound a bit more “compact”, even though Destruction are loved as a power trio. The second is the replacing of Vaaver by Randy Black. This certain lineup change gives, when it comes to detail, a wide range of how the drums sound like. Destruction, on the past few albums have found their own safe formula of creating things. Is this negative? Since they this is not affecting their albums’ quality, no it’s not. You won’t be surprised, but you won’t be disappointed either. Here you’ll find some basic trademark facts of the band’s sound. Schmier’s toxic voice and the easily recognizable riffs by Mike are all over the record. “Born to Perish” is the natural consequence of “Under Attack”. Ten medium length tracks, with speed alternations between the songs. Whatever has made you love Destruction, you’ll probably find it in here in plethora. Destruction have not lost their spark, which is obvious in their live performances and their discography. “Born To Perish” is one more good record in their discography and a great reason to get on the road again in order to present it to us, next to their all time classics.


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