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Diamond Needle / Baby’s Breath – Split CD


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Netherlands
Label: Cult Metal Classics
Year: 2014 (re-release of ‘80s material)

The field of demo releases of the ‘80s is vast and largely unexplored. Certainly it has many mediocre or even bad releases and many treasures, as well. While dropping the weight of research mainly in the US releases of the season, only a few have addressed Europe’s diamonds. Especially the Dutch scene is one of the most undervalued, small in size but with high standard music. From there came both bands of this CD, Baby’s Breath and Diamond Needle. Everything began when the keyboardist and drummer of one of the most historic Dutch bands, Sad Iron, decided to join forces in order to create a complex melodic metal with epic elements. Thus Baby’s Breath was born in 1986. The same year they released their very good demo, “Out of Breath”. The next year they grabbed the opportunity and participated in Reaction’s collection entitled “Full Force vol.1” with the very good “Hold on to love”. Just when things seemed to go forward, some of the members decided to leave the band, leaving the other members to start building the band from scratch. Soon they regrouped and started to compose again with a new line up. The new effort brought the change of the band’s name into Diamond Needle (clearly Baby’s Breath was incongruous for their genre). They released a very good 2-track demo (“Waste of Time” is amazing) but since they failed again to interest the music companies, they disbanded shortly after. Altogether now, we’re talking about a very good melodic metal band; imagine the style of Fifth Angel, with songs with amazing epic melodies. Too bad they never had the opportunity to record for a company with a higher budget, because their music was not bulk metal, this kind of melodic metal could take off with a clean and powerful production.

The rating of such releases is difficult; you cannot put them beside mainstream releases, as here we are talking about material from demo tapes (for which the children of Cult Metal Classis did a great job). So do not bother much with the degree, those who are interested in the European underground metal 80s, simply invest.


Elias Chatzialexis
Elias Chatzialexis
Θέλω να αφιερώσω αυτό το βραβείο στον μπαμπά μου, στη μαμά μου, στη γυναίκα μου και στα παιδιά μου, στον David Coverdale και στους Piledriver. Επίσης εύχομαι Παγκόσμια Ειρήνη, Υγεία και του χρόνου φουντούνια.

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