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Distruzione – Endogena


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Genre: Death / Thrash
Country: Italy
Label: Jolly Roger Records (remaster)
Year: 1995 (original), 2016 (remaster)

Old school death/thrash from Italy? Why not? Distruzione are quite an old band that decided to remind us both their past and how the sound of the particular genre once was. “Endogena” was released in 1995 and it was their debut. After a break for a few years the Italians decided to reunite and manage a dynamic return in the scene with a new album called “Distruzione” and the remastered version of their first album, “Endogena”.

As expected this album is typical of the era it was originally released in. They mislead us a little bit with the intro of “Senza Futuro” but the contrast created between the intro and what follows further emphasizes its fast guitars and brutal vocals. They continue in that way until the intro of “Divina Salvezza” that is used as a small break followed by another barrage of death/thrash sounds. They seem to have a soft spot for dark intros that actually serve as small respites, short break to rest for 30-40 seconds before we return to a merciless head banging.

It is really surprising and kind of unfortunate that such a good band was not really well known and had to go through a break up phase. What is certain though is that the problem was not in their music. Maybe the Italian scene was not suitable at the time or it could be that their lyrics are in Italian, something that alienated me a little bit because although the language fits in with the aggressiveness of the music, I prefer to understand the lyrics of a song, but that’s not a reason to not listen to them.

Reviewing a remastered release is, unfortunately, not simple. First of all I don’t have the original album, so I am unable to say what has changed on a production level. The second issue is that the album is 20 years old and probably belongs to another period, but if we judge it independently of those facts it is a pretty good album. Yes, the age of the composition is easy to notice and probably doesn’t offer something new in the scene, but can we describe it in a negative way just for that? Absolutely not. This album is a trip to the memory lane for the older ones among us and an opportunity for the younger ones to listen to something different compared to the releases they are used to.


Angel Spiliopoulos
Angel Spiliopoulos
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