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Disturbance Project: Slaves To The Grind


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Hello guys,tell us few few things about this chaotic birth of Disturbance Project,when you start and which was the motivation to start playing grindcore?

Hi!! I’m Nico, the new guy back in the drums. First of all thanks a lot for this interview. Ok lets start… DP started in 2001. As many people know DP came from the split up of a great well known spanish band called DENAK. Some members, Gerardo on guitar and Juan on drums, started this new grind project with Alvaro Zamora on guitars, and this time Ger on bass. The idea was to create some brutal and pure grind but with a little bit twisted compositions more in to the Nasum and Brutal Truth early days, just a little bit different and complex to the Denak stuff, but 100% grind without any death/thrash/crustie influences. As I know this guys always loved grind so, why start to make something different? Grind was and is our motivation.

How are the things in Spain with the grindcore scene?

The grind scene here has to faces, we have a lot of good bands, some of them well known outside our country, but at least in our city the movement is not so big. I mean we live in the fucking capital of Spain and at the end we dont have a scene more bigger than other smaller cities of our country. I dont know the reason, maybe the people is saturated about all the bands, gigs, releases… I’m not saying we are few people, but for what I’ve seen in other countries the thing isn’t the best. But hey, grindcore here has a lot of followers inside extreme music, possibly nearer death metal, and the people who are in to this are really in to this, supporting the scene like diehards, its true. So we might be not millions, but still have a good grind scene that will support a gig, or anything.

Mediocridad Extrema is your last release through EveryDayHate records,but it’s a kind of complitation? Are you planning a full length album at the moment?

“Mediocridad Extrema” isn’t the last release, in fact we have released 2 more things with EDH after that. I guess you mean “Grita Mientras Puedas”, that’s our last, and yes, it’s a compilation. “Mediocridad Extrema” was a comp with all the stuff in the splits and some new material never released before, then we make a split with RAS, and then “Grita Mientras Puedas”, which is a 25 compilation song of the best stuff, but re-recorded with the new lineup, wich is Alvaro Vivero at vocals and me on drums. We decided to do this because is definitely a new era for DP but we want to keep our sound, and I think the other guys dont like some past recordings so much, so this is the best way to amend those things. Now we are working on two 7”splits (with CRUEL FACE from Brazil and BLOODY PHOENIX from US) with new material that hopefully will see the light this year, and on a Scum’s Napalm Death tribute. Leeeeeets see.

What is your lyrical thematology ?

Our lyrics talk about the shit around us, society, politics, some negativism… the typical topics in old school grind. We dont support gore, sexism and shit like that. Maybe in the future we will translate the lyrics, if it’s still someone out there interested in reading the lyrics of shitty bands.

About your musical influences,is there any bands really special for you?

For us as a band… probably DENAK. This guys came from there so they wanted to do something different while keeping that feelling. So yes they were and still is a huge influence for us. NAPALM DEATH is obviously an other who must be mentioned, I think the FETO recording is our big influence, at least for me. And of course thousands of bands more, some of them classic, some of them not, its good to see how big it’s the grind world. As I said before, DP wants to be pure grind and really fast but with some twisted view. I dont really know if we are that kind but who cares, people should define us, or just listen us and throw some stones to the police.

Are you planning any tour or some concerts till the end of 2014?

For this 2014 we had an eastern germany tour wich was a blast, best people, brutal bands… Germany is a lovely country, always kind for us. It was the first time for me but this guys had been there on tour like… I don’t know, probably 6 or 7 times which DP and DENAK. Till the end of this year we have a couple of shows, one in our city with our brother band RAGEOUS INTENT and a lot of grind/death nice bands more. And then another festival in Almeria wich we hope will be a blast too. Then will see, sure will be more, but in Spain for a while.

What is your opinion about D.I.Y scene (labels.bands.concert)?

As I said in Madrid we have some good things and some bad things, but the good thing is that we keep supporting each other in shows and stuff like that. We have our little scene and thats good. In general, my thoughts are the same, DIY is the only way to survive and to be listened in this world. Grindcore needs to be like that, we need each other to make this possible and keep the wheel turning. If we dont do it who else is going to be there for make it? Thats the spirit in punk and that should be in grind, beeing humble and taking care of us, just for the noise.

Have you ever play in Greece? If not, are you interested to have some concerts here?

We haven’t been in Greece and hey, that would be awesome. If someone is reading this and wants to bring us there… hey! We can have some talk! We also know from BLOODY PHOENIX and CAMARA DE GAS that the grind scene there is fucking huge, they have been there and they only have good words for all. And of course, we have an split with TERRORISMO MUSICAL. These guys met them in person some years ago and will be brutal to meet them again for sure, specially with their new band RAW NOISE APES.

Thanx for this talk guys,keep on grinding our ears,last words are yours!

Thanks a lot for the support and this interview, which is my first with DP, hope my english isn’t that bad… If you want to take a look at our news find us on facebook and bandcamp. And of course contact to EveryDayHate for some recordings and merch, we are waiting to see the “Grita Mientras Puedas” vinyl version via Grindblock Records and tape version via Grindfather Productions, keep an eye!!!

You can check the album review HERE

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