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Diviner – Realms of Time


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Ulterium Records
Year: 2019

Diviner is like a national all-star band in Greece, an informal supergroup. And in terms of musicianship, they act and behave like this. When I first heard “Fallen Empires” in 2015, despite being their debut, there was not the slightest hint that this was their first studio attempt. All of them being experienced musicians; they presented a flawless in all aspects work, and avoided the bad songwriting, production and everything that needs improvement. Ever since, I was wondering how will they be able to overcome this result. It has been four years until the “Realms of Time”, which shows that they took their time and worked on it without pressure. I can only judge the outcome just by the time that has passed in between the releases. It was worth the wait, after all. It’s not that the band has changed their sound. As a whole though, the songs are composed in a better way. There also seems to be a bigger coherence in the songs, making “Realms of Time” having a pleasant flow. Much more sticky choruses, louder riffs and more emphatic melodic moments. Yannis Papanikolaou’s vocals sound thicker than ever. The compact-clear production highlights the instruments as much as necessary, giving attention to the skills of all the members consisting the band. The lengths of the songs, as well as the album length as a whole, are considered ideal for a heavy metal release, which is distinguished for its immediacy in all aspects. The quality of the album makes it pretty obvious that each and any of us might have some favorite moments. For me, “Heaven Falls”, “The Earth, The Moon, The Sun”, “Time” and “Stargate” tend to be classics. It’s an album destined to keep you company for a long time.


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