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Division Speed – Division Speed


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Genre: Speed Metal
Country: Germany
Label: High Roller
Year: 2015

Straight to the point, without any distractions. Division Speed elaborate on the furious speed metal (note: speed metal means heavy metal riffing played on foul throttle, just to get things straight) with traditional evil thrash metal vocals. Since 2008, when they were formed, the band has released 3 splits and a demo record.

So what do they have in plans for us in their full length? The word “surprise” is not a part of their dictionary. It’s been substituted by terms, such as “viciousness”, “rabies”, “frontal assault by metal riffs”, something evident in their music. You’ll find all those good ingredients that ‘80s speed metal held, used in the past by bands as Vectom, Vendetta and Helloween (“Walls of Jericho” era). Riffs on top of riffs, double solos (unlike “Happy Twin Heads”), hooligan-ish backing vocals at the refrains, merciless “I’ll destroy your universe” banging on drums and a bass guitar that mumbles all the time. Notable are the warm and fitting production of the record and the magnificent musicianship of the group members.

Let’s get to the point: what we’re dealing with is a sum of tracks that boost our mood and urge our necks to bang until they drop. Let’s begin from the fact that there’s not a single bad track in the record. You’ll find yourself thinking that there’s not even a single moment when you’ll think “Man, that’s bad”. Each song has a riff or a part that will blow your socks off. Tracks like “Panzerkommando”, “Rule Britannia”, “Black Wolves” (with an exceptional gang refrain) are the reason why you’ll rob a bank or you’ll park your Panzer illegally outside the UN building. Listen to the “if it were more classical, it’d shift genres” intro riffing of “Sturmbatallion” and you’ll search for the guy who left his stereo playing Judas Priest. “Speed Solemn Vigil” is the necessary dark breath of melody (acoustic that is) just to let your neck catch its breath, until you start headbanging again to the sounds of “Outlaws” (a great refrain is here as well) and the slaughter caused by the track “Division Speed” (which happens to be the best track of the record, if you ask me).

If I were to point out something negative, I would say that the record consists of many tracks (they’re 14). I believe that with 4 fewer tracks, everything would be better and easy, with our interest focused better. All of you, who care about the evolution of music, keep out. This record is disarmingly stubborn for your taste. Let alone the fact that Division Speed knows where you live and they’ll come to get you. A very well-crafted piece of work. We’re waiting for the band’s next hit, hoping for something even better.



Λέων Παύλου
Λέων Παύλου
Η ομάδα του Metal Invader μου έκανε την τιμή ,προτείνοντας να τους βοηθήσω, καλώς οριζοντάς με στην ομάδα του 'zine .Φυσικά δέχθηκα με χαρά μιας και ήμουν οπαδός - αναγνώστης όταν ήταν έντυπο. Ελπίζω να το σκέφτηκαν καλά και να ξέρουν τι τους περιμένει.

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