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Dizziness – Bound by Strength


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Old Graves Productions
Year: 2015

Having two new members in their lineup, comparing this effort to “Offermort Heritage” (2013), and some interesting guest appearances, the black metallers from Athens Dizziness released their second full length studio album, entitled “Bound By Strength”. What you’ll find is six tracks and a cover of “Deep Beneath an Ancient Dominion”, originally performed by Varathron (Stefan Necroabyssious himself is on vocals, as well). The tracks of the band’s new effort have a mid-90’s Greek black metal essence in them, with wonderful musical themes, epic passings, many moments with lyric recitations as opposed to the previous release, since Ithonas has a different tone quality, darker and more mysterious than the aggressive Gareth. The beginning of “…Of Virtue And Might”, in which vocals are performed by Sykelig aka Morfeas (guitarist of the Norwegians Den Saakaldte and ex-member of Naer Mataron) and the first riff of “Odyssey”  stick to your mind even from the first hearing. The song that stood out mostly is “Myrmidons”, from my point of view. Overall, ” Bound by Strength” is a quite good record, even though as I see it, it didn’t surpass the greatness of “Offermort Heritage”. Still, if you’re an admirer of the Greek Black Metal scene, you should check it out! You won’t miss.



Kostas Koutsiaridas
Kostas Koutsiaridas
"Since now I name you under our cult..."

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