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Dødsferd – Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow Part II


Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Fucking Your Creation Records
Year: 2021

Once again, we have the pleasure of hosting my very favorite Dødsferd, with a release that is definitely not something Wrath is used to give us. So what do we have here? We have the band’s new release, entitled “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow Part II”. What the band is not used to do, is that this album consists of just 2 tracks lasting 18 and 17 minutes, so with 2 tracks lasting a total of 35 minutes. Let’s dive into it…

I will start with the duration of this album. It may seem strange or even “forbidden” to some for a band to release such a record. Nevertheless, I assure you that not only is it not boring, not only does it have a variety of rhythms, riffs, vocals, but it is extremely interesting, which is the most important aspect in my opinion.

In terms of sound, the output “tilts” towards the bass-ish side, but they have managed to make everything to sound properly, without having to stick your ear to the speaker to distinguish what instrument is playing what. Perhaps Dødsferd’s best work so far in terms of production. On the plus side of this album are the acoustic guitars and wind instruments that have been used, along with the keys, which give an amazing atmosphere. Also for the first time I can see some post black metal elements, which are definitely placed in the right places and although I am not a fan of the post genre, they certainly did not bother me at all.

Play-wise, we have all the elements that the band got us used to over the years. Slow-moving riffs in places, black metal outbursts with blast beats and tremolo-picking guitars, vocals on one hand clear and heartbreaking and on the other spitting out the lyrics and everything I wrote above, tied and worked properly so that every part in the 2 songs, every change to take you on a trip from despair to redemption. Redemption eh? Do not let your guard down my friends. Redemption is not something you should expect on this album. Where you think it came, right after, the darkness takes you by the hand and lowers you to the darkest and well-hidden corners of the human mind, the human soul and believe me it is not a journey that many would like to take. The more the listener listens to the album, the more Wrath manages to convey to us the pain and sadness that these 2 tracks contain.

Closing this review, I will say with great confidence that it is the best album the band has done so far and I really do not know if there is a higher step that Dødsferd can climb. However, I’m sure that in the next release, I will say exactly the same thing, as once again, Dødsferd will amaze me. Without many words, listen to it, but with great care. It’s not a black metal record that you can put in your stereo when you just want to listen to a black metal album. Turn off the lights, close the windows, isolate any noise and sit down to listen. You can thank me later.

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