Doomed Again & The Vile: new 10″ split “Doomed ‘n’ Vile” featuring members of Discharge, Broken Bones, Headcleaner, Slaughtergrave , the Varukers


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“Doomed ‘n’ Vile” is a 10″ split release via Doomed Again and The Vile. Doomed Again is a crusty Hardcore Punk band from Thessaloniki, Greece, incl. members from Slaughtergrave, Headcleaner, Slaktgrav etc, while The Vile is a Hardcore punk band from Nottingham, UK, incl. members from Discharge, Broken Bones, the Varukers, Warwound etc

Doomed ‘n’ Vile will come out as cd (on Driller Bastard), cassette and 10 inch vinyl.


01:Doomed Again – They Know
02:Doomed Again – All That I Hate
03:Doomed Again – Entombed For Years
04:The Vile – Terror In Our Mind
05:The Vile – Dog Will Hunt
06:The Vile – Desensitised To It All 

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