Downfall Of Gaia: Listen to a new song


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German crust/black/sludge group Downfall Of Gaia are going to release their new, fifth full length album, entitled ‘Ethic Of Radical Finitude’, on February 8th via Metal Blade Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

‘Ethic Of Radical Finitude’ track listing:
1. Seduced By…
2. The Grotesque Illusion Of Being
3. We Pursue The Serpent Of Time
4. Guided Through A Starless Night
5. As Our Bones Break To The Dance
6. Of Withering Violet Leaves

The group presents the new song ‘As Our Bones Break To Dance’:

‘Ethic Of Radical Finitude’ will be available in these formats:

— Hardcover Digipak-CD
— 180 g black vinyl
— Dead gold marbeld vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
— Grey marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
— Pic-LP (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
— White/Black split vinyl (ltd. 100 – Evil Greed exclusive)
— Red/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – US-exclusive)
— Clear vinyl (ltd. 100 – US-exclusive)

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