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Draconian: Sovran | The Thrill of the Supernatural


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It’s been a long time since I last wrote something, thus the column seems poor and weak. However, writing about something means that I have to say a few words about it or feel the need to express myself. I would be attracted to the idea of having the ability to breathe life into rocks, animate the soulless via words; to write about things I care for ore things that are worth mentioning and discussed; things that inspire and emotionally stimulate my heart. Just like a writer or a poet does.

Just like that, Draconian are the spring of inspiration of this article. They “make” me say a few words about their glorious musical creation. The architects of sadness and melancholy prove again that melancholy music creates masterpieces. The knell of musicianship of their new album ‘Sovran’, rings straight from the beginning, from the first notes of the insurmountable song ‘Heavy Lies The Crown’, where the thrill of the supernatural permeates your whole body. The anguish and sorrow, the joy that’s offered by the charm of melancholic music and the feeling of soul uplifting to the heavens, to the divine, are elements met in ‘No Lonelier Star’, ‘River Between Us’, but also in every single track of the record disc, with a sharply different emotional approach to each one.

The notes selected by the composers are braided together in such a way that the melodies which are born, blend harmoniously with the beautiful vocals of Heike Langhans (worthy successor of Johansson) and the full of despair cries of Anders Jacobsson, which shock and constantly touch your soul.

It is amazing the fact that each time you listen to the songs of the album, from the first to the last note, you feel that the journey to eternity lasts eternally and while the destination remains the same, new feelings and emotions vary the route. The feeling of the supernatural and of sulfur permeates the listener throughout the song ‘Sovran’. However, enormous respect that touches the limits of horror, is caused by the fact that this new musical work, is born of something that didn’t exist before, has nothing to do with the futility of the ephemeral, it cannot die; it remains eternally unchanged in time.

The mystery of creation is inexplicable, as is the existence of a God. In a world devoid of God, I wonder, how it is possible for so many miracles to constantly occur in the musical world of Heavy Metal, which are able to overcome the humans. One of these miracles, I think is ‘Sovran’.

Immortal melodies of pure inspiration make us understand what the daylight and darkness are. They lead us on the road of Redemption, towards the real world. If we feel this way, the common people, who get flavors of this feast of music and feel the dream more real than real life, imagine how much more intense is this feeling for the creators.

PS I am confident that Draconian will ”force” me to write again a new article after their long expected first concert appearance in Thessaloniki.

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