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Draconian – Under a Godless Veil


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Genre: Death/Doom
Country: Sweden
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2020

The five year time gap that has passed by since the release of “Sovran”, had suddenly no importance from the very first moment the first singles of “Under A Godless Veil” came out, with Draconian being in their very best phase ever.

The band’s sophomore release with Heike Langhans in the leads, is quite similar to its predecessor, however it has a more ethereal vibe, it’s definitely more melodic and the female vocals have the reins, making the album have a rather obvious gothic aesthetic in comparison to the band’s previous releases, where the melodic death metal element was more essential. From the beginning to the very end, “Under A Godless Veil” deals with the cognitive myth of the goddess Sophia and her fall from the highest realms of existence. The theological element has always been a key pillar of creation for the group, but this time religion has a leading role, may I say. The atmosphere however, always remains the same; the “beauty and the beast “ pattern is stronger than ever, along with the grief that comes out with force from all the instrumental parts, brings out memories from the band’s debut, “Where Lovers Mourn”, and all this results in a solid outcome, that makes the decision of the best records of the year even more difficult now!

This year passed by with new albums by Paradise Lost, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Shattered Hope and now Draconian – a year that has its’ own nurturing hope for a better future, than this present we’re going through. “Under A Godless Veil”, however, has a definite place in my Top-5s of the year!


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