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Drudkh Unveils New Music Video “The Nocturnal One”; New Album Due Later This Year


Last Updated on 05:56 PM by Giorgos Tsekas

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, Drudkh is facing a dire financial situation as there is currently no way for them to work or make a living. In order to help them and their families survive, Season of Mist is donating 100% of the profits to the band.

The video was originally not slated for release until later this year, along with a new record from the band. However, due to the increasingly dangerous situation in their homeland, being situated in the epicentre of the invasion, the band has requested that the video be released immediately as sign of Ukranian resistance.

Drudkh has always shown unwavering pride for their country through their music. This poignant statement is a testament to their fighting spirit and love for their homeland. The new record and its details will be revealed in time. Due to vinyl plant delays, the album release is delayed until late 2022.

Season of Mist has been in contact with Drudkh over the phone today. They stated the following:

“Even though we weren’t supposed to share any statement or music until later this year, we are grateful to get this new track out here today. It represents HOPE, may it strengthen those who need it.”

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